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Fashionable… Friendly… Customizable… The mohair and wool produced, processed and distributed by Pure American Naturals are all those and more. Take a look around our interactive website and meet the animals and the farmers. Virtually visit our spinnery. Discover how these natural fibers turn into comfortable, fashionable clothing, and learn why they are so special.

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Charcoal Heather 3/15
Natural 2/7.5
Charcoal Heather 2/15
Yearling Natural 1/15
Natural Black 1/15
Natural 3/15
Yearling Natural 3/15
Black 2/10
Brown Heather 3/15
Natural 1/15
Natural 2/15
Charcoal Heather 2/7.5
Brown Heather 3/15
Brown Heather 2/15
Gloves – Mohair and Merino
Hat – Mohair and Merino

Hat – Mohair and Merino

Sale Items

Sale Items



Grey Light Weight Reward Crew


Heavy Weight Grey Reward Crew
Heavy Weight Grey Reward Ankle
Heavy Weight Reward Natural Crew
Heavy Weight Reward Natural Ankle


Black Reward Boot
Black Reward Ankle
Black Reward Crew
Popcorn Boot

Popcorn Boot

Hand Warmers – Mohair and Merino
Handsome Brown Pattern Crew
Brindle Reward Crew
Natural Reward Ankle
Natural Reward Crew
Natural Reward Boot

  * Sweater Created by Vladimir Teriokhin                         ** Sweater created by Peggie Ehlers, Riverhead, Long Island, NY

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Whether you are purchasing for yourself, or buying gifts for others, experience why mohair is called
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