About PAN

Producers of Luxurious Mohair and Merino Wool Yarn and Products

The initial primary products of PAN are ecologically friendly mohair and wool, high fashion textile fibers and customized services for producers, manufacturers and consumers. We produce mohair and wool that is uniquely certified as humanely, sustainably and responsibly produced, processed, manufactured and distributed, for multiple markets. Fiber certified and promoted by PAN is produced by goat and sheep farmers who meet high standards of ecological and humane animal care and maintain best management practices.

Grounded and skilled in sustainable environmental practices, cutting edge analysis and information systems, and dazzling communication and media presentation, PAN feeds the growing appetite for wholesome animal products, relationship to, and science supported knowledge about their production, as well as a sense of rootedness in natural systems. By building a bridge of knowledge between small family farms and consumer consciousness, PAN puts a face to these natural fibers and other future products.

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