Why Choose PAN

Why Mohair & Merino Wool Products? | Eco-Friendly Fibers

PAN the acronym of Pure American Naturals also signifies “People Animals Nature” – in collaboration the essence of sustainable systems.

PAN produces mohair and wool that are uniquely certified as being produced, processed, and distributed in a humane, responsible, and sustainable manner. PAN farmers must meet high standards of ecological, humane animal care and maintain best management practices for their crops, land, goats and sheep. Consumer assurance of these practices are conveyed through virtual visits and interaction with the people of the farms, processing mills, manufacturing, and marketing chains involved.

We set ourselves apart by offering products that are:


The mohair and wool produced by PAN are ecologically far superior to other fibers in their production and processing as well as in the unique qualities and the increased durability of products made from them. Consumers, businesses, and society are searching for sustainable products, long term economies, and positive ecological interaction.  Our eco-friendly products are more desirable as environmental awareness increases.


Unlike synthetic and plant fibers that require non-renewable fossil fuel resources for production and processing, mohair and wool are produced by incredibly efficient small ruminants.  These creatures provide a unique, renewable and sustainable source of fiber.  The energy from the sun is converted by plant photosynthesis into forage, and goats and sheep convert this rapidly renewable feed source directly into usable fiber that requires minimal chemical or energy intensive processing. They also improve the land that supports them and they reproduce themselves!


We produce and also buy natural raw fiber from conservation-practicing, animal-welfare-conscientious producers. We collect, identify and sort the fiber to meet quantity/quality specifications and then design, process and manufacture yarns for sale to eco-conscientious designers and manufacturers in the couture and craft fashion industry and other markets. With our thorough

branding,  PAN is an aggregator of high-quality mohair and wool that ensures quality control and consistency in products as well as traceability.

Natural and Local

Consumers are gravitating toward natural fibers. PAN feeds the growing appetite for wholesome animal products,relationship to, and science supported knowledge about their production, as well as a sense of rootedness in natural systems.   Mohair and wool fabrics are the latest trend in luxury fashion. We connect farms, processors, manufacturers, designers, and consumers, and utilize and help shift these emerging trends to support and promote locally produced and American-made materials, and farmers that produce them.

Animal Well-Being

Fiber certified and promoted by PAN is produced by goat and sheep farmers who meet high standards of ecological and humane animal care and maintain best management practices.

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