Goats in the Wintertime

Winter: Rest and Relaxation
Our Angora Goats in December, January, and February

There’s snow on the ground and icicles forming along the roof. We cover ourselves from head to toe. Winter is a time for taking things easy, and rest and relaxation is what occurs during this time at The Glen Cauffman Farm. And while we mostly take care of business as usual and wait for the grass to become green, our Angora goats are bringing about a new generation.

New life. It’s what ensures any species continues to thrive. For our does, winter is the gestation period. The breeding period at the farm begins in November, and kidding normally occurs in April. We do what we can to ensure our does give birth to healthy kids by providing optimal nutrition, holistic veterinary care and integrated husbandry and management.

Part of making sure both mom and baby are healthy is by keeping them comfortable. Our goats are shorn twice a year – March and October – but by the time winter officially begins, they have grown back a warm winter fleece.

The goats also have 14 safe and cozy hutches that are bedded with soft straw that are available to them whenever they choose. The snow doesn’t stop them from going outside. You’ll find the goats enjoying the snow, and will only choose to take shelter inside when there is a cold rain.

By February’s end, the snow is ready to melt and warm weather is on its way. Spring is on the horizon and is truly a season of new life …