PAN Nominated for 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge We here at Pure American Naturals are happy to announce we have been nominated for a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award! We feel quite honored to be a nominee for this prestigious accolade, so we wanted to share our good news with everyone.

We pride ourselves not just on our sustainable products, farm, pastures and processes, but also on our high quality mohair fibers and yarns. Our animals are treated humanely and happily live in our beautiful pastures among the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania. Happy goats mean top quality fiber for our mohair, which means top quality apparel and our featured Reward mohair socks. This urban-farm connection feeds into Americans’ increasing need to buy products that aren’t just made here in America but are also environmentally friendly.

The Martha Stewart American Made Awards spotlight “the next generation of great American makers: entrepreneurs, artisans, and small-business owners who are creating beautiful, inspiring, useful products; pioneering new industries; improving local communities; and changing the way we eat, shop, work, and live.” The fact that Pure American Naturals is included in this elite group of nominees tells us we must be doing something right! It means that our apparel, mohair and the way we do business is being recognized as a forerunner of the shift in the way Americans are looking at the environment and what we can all be doing to help Mother Nature.

Our highest priority is sustainability. We believe in “eco-fashion” – the idea that a company can be socially responsible, “green” and Earth friendly and still create an excellent product. The end result is satisfaction in knowing what we produce will have a minimal impact on the environment and will help with other sustainability efforts.

Get more information about the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards. And for more information on Pure American Naturals, call 717-580-1416 or Contact Us.

PAN Donates Mohair Sock Proceeds at Fundraiser for Local Woman

The Patriot News recently published an article, “Annual Perry Valley Grange New Year’s Day pork and sauerkraut dinner raised money for local woman“. Everyone at Pure American Naturals (PAN) is so impressed by the kindhearted Perry County residents that helped us raise more than $6,000 for one of our own, Bobbie Jo Rumfelt.

The Event

The grange in Perry Valley holds an annual New Year’s Day public dinner for the local residents. This year more than 400 people were in attendance who helped to eat more than 300 pounds of pork, potatoes and cabbage. All the proceeds of this year’s dinner were donated to Bobbie Jo Rumfelt’s “Bobbie Jo’s Hopes and Dreams” fund.

Bobbie Jo’s Hopes and Dreams

Roberta Jo Rumfelt, known to loved ones as Bobbie Jo, is battling cancer. She has a husband and a son who is in the first grade. It is her and her husband’s dream to take their son, Ethan, to Walt Disney World to make beautiful, lasting memories. A fund has been lovingly set up in her honor called “Bobbie Jo’s Hopes and Dreams”.

Sock it to Cancer

The “Sock it to Cancer” campaign was started by the team at PAN. When you buy a pair of mohair socks as part of this initiative, every dollar collected is donated to Bobbie Jo and her family. These sustainable socks are available in many sizes and styles.

PAN sold their high-quality mohair socks at the Perry Valley Grange’s New Year’s Day dinner to raise additional funds. Bobbie Jo is a very special member of the PAN community, and PAN was proud to be part of such a meaningful and supportive event.

Are you wondering how you can help Bobbie Jo and her family? Purchase a luxurious pair of mohair socks online today and help us Sock it to Cancer.

We’re Sockin’ it To Cancer

A member of our Pure American Naturals (PAN) family is currently battling cancer. Glen Cauffman’s daughter, Roberta “Bobbie Jo” Rumfelt, won her battle with cancer a few years ago but, sadly, the cancer has returned. As a way to show support and help her out financially, PAN has started a campaign called “Sock it to Cancer.” As part of this campaign, all the proceeds of the purchase of mohair socks will go directly to Bobbie Jo’s Hopes and Dreams fund. Buy your very own pair of stunning mohair socks today and help a great cause.

Mohair Socks

There are many benefits to owning mohair socks. They are perfect for year-round wear. Mohair socks keep your feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They will effectively keep your feet toasty, as well as draw excessive moisture away from your feet. Mohair socks are comfortable and stylish. They provide medical benefits for those suffering from diabetes, poor blood circulation, cold feet, chilblains or excessive foot perspiration. They are the perfect material for any type of outdoor activity. They keep your feet blister-free, and they dry very quickly. You can find out  more about the benefits of mohair socks on our website.

Bobbie Jo’s Hopes and Dreams

Bobbie Jo and her husband, Lee, have an adorable son named Ethan. He is in the first grade. Bobbie Jo and Lee want to take Ethan to Walt Disney World. To make this dream into a reality, PAN is donating all proceeds for all socks sold in the “Sock it to Cancer” campaign to the cause. Bobbie Jo wants to focus on making lasting memories with her family.


  • Buy now! Buy luxurious mohair socks today at
  • Visit the Facebook Page set up for Bobbie Jo’s Hopes and Dreams for up-to-date information on Bobbie Jo, fundraisers and more.
  • Need additional information? We have a website set up for the Sock it to Cancer campaign.
  • If you want to send a monetary donation directly to the Bobbie Jo’s Hopes and Dreams fund, make checks payable to Roberta Jo Rumfelt and send them to the following address:

c/o Juniata Valley Bank
P.O. Box 749
Millerstown, PA 17062

We appreciate everyone getting on board with the “Sock it to Cancer” campaign. Please share this post so we can maximize its reach. You can also print your own copy of the order form and hang it as a poster, or distribute it on your own. Just visit the Sock it to Cancer website. Help a local family this holiday season by spreading the word and purchasing one-of-a-kind mohair socks.

If you have any questions regarding the campaign, please call PAN at 717-580-1416.

Made in America Meets Sustainability

We’re different. Pure American Naturals (PAN) combines the Made in America ethos with environmental sustainability to produce high-quality, humane products.

We know where our yarn comes from. Do you?

What is Pure American Naturals?

PAN is a producer of luxurious mohair and merino wool blend yarns and fashions.   Every facet of the PAN mission is American made and processed, from the goats on our farm to the spinneries that create our yarn. See for yourself: Visit our farm.

Why Pure American Naturals?

  • Humane treatment of animals ensures high-quality fibers.
  • Sustainable practices means helping to protect our planet.
  • American-made products from American-based companies.

The difference is with our animals.

  • Mohair shearing of Angora goats takes place twice a year; merino shearing of sheep takes place once a year.
  • Each fleece is uniquely bagged and identified.
  • Quality control ensures removal of foreign materials and stained and low-quality fibers

The difference is with our people.

  • Carding (using wire brushes to comb the mohair and wool to align fibers in parallel) is carefully done by our people and our machines.
  • Our partner network of spinneries use precision and attention to detail to create yarns that are strong, unique and luxurious

The difference is with you.

  • The initial process ends with you using our yarns to knit or weave fashionable garments.
  • Using our products means helping to promote American-made, sustainable products.
  • We want to hear from people like you.

Sustainable, Renewable, American-Made

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Spin Expo Recap & Exciting Developments

Our friends, the Yoders, who came along with us to Spin Expo 2013.

Excitement. That’s what the Pure American Naturals (PAN) leadership team felt July 16-18 as we walked through New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion.

We had arrived. Our personal Mecca. Spin Expo 2013.

Spin Expo is a conglomeration of textiles and fibers designers, producers and entities vying to network with others. For PAN, our mission was simple: let others know about whom we are, what we do and what makes us different. To help in the endeavor, we took along with us a group of special friends who were a hit. It was a success.

The PAN team had a great time connecting and reconnecting with others in the fashion and textiles industries. We received great interest, and we’re excited about PAN’s future prospects as a result of this trip. Our team knows sustainable, Made in American products are becoming more and more sought after, and the trip to Spin Expo just reaffirmed this fact.

There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to fraternize with buyers and other distributors. Especially in a place like New York City, a hub for the fashion elite.

During our time at Spin Expo, we talked to Arthur Friedman, a reporter for Women’s Wear Daily, one of the leading trade publications for the fashion, beauty and retail worlds. Mr. Friedman was working on a piece about global sourcing and textile and apparel manufacturing, and he decided to talk to PAN about our Made-in-American-meets-sustainable model. PAN creative director and designer Laurie Perrone was quoted in the piece, stating:

“We want to work with companies that have a strong consumer connection, that understand what it means to be a sustainable company and that believe in the Made in America movement.”

Laurie’s quote was used again in WWD’s weekly “They Are Saying” series.

For three days, the PAN leadership team managed to coalesce with other textile and fiber manufacturers, designers and others in the fashion industry. Suffice to say, our journey to New York City was a success. However, there’s still a great deal of work to be done. Here’s to the future.