Love Is In The Air, But Not For Long!

A handsome young buck and his lady love slip away from the herd for a little romance.

Fall has given way to winter here in central Pennsylvania, and with that the breeding season has come and gone.  Here at Pure American Naturals we employ a short, 4-6 week breeding period to ensure that our lovely matriarchs are kidding, or giving birth, during the verdant month of April. With its gentler weather, green grass and sunshine, April breathes new life into all members of the farm. The main goal of Pure American Naturals is to maintain a sustainable symbiosis between the herd and the land on which it grazes.  By maintaining a short window of breeding opportunity, we are creating natural selection for high reproductive efficiency and ease of management.  And we are able to reduce the strain placed on the handlers during kidding time by reducing the number of nights they have to monitor the moms, so that mothers can give birth safely and the kids can be assisted, if necessary, in getting their first meals of colostrum and in staying  warm in the nursery.

A mature buck surveying his harem.

In the two weeks prior to being introduced to their intended suitors, each doe, or female goat, is given a pre-breeding diet of increased grains, in addition to the nutrient rich Alfalfa hay and mixed pasture forage she enjoys. This improved nutritional plane tends to improve overall productivity and has even increased the rate of twinning in some herds.  Each step in the process is taken with a keen eye towards sustainability; we want our herd to remain happy and healthy as they bring new life to the farm, in turn they can put their energy towards growing the luscious locks of fiber that our partners have come to know and appreciate. Furthermore, by maintaining a high level of breeding efficiency, we are reducing the amount of stress placed on the does by the exuberant advances of the breeding bucks, which also benefit by not being allowed to wear themselves out chasing the ladies!

PAN Nominated for 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award

Martha Stewart - American Made 2014 - Nominee Badge We here at Pure American Naturals are happy to announce we have been nominated for a 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Award! We feel quite honored to be a nominee for this prestigious accolade, so we wanted to share our good news with everyone.

We pride ourselves not just on our sustainable products, farm, pastures and processes, but also on our high quality mohair fibers and yarns. Our animals are treated humanely and happily live in our beautiful pastures among the rolling hills of Central Pennsylvania. Happy goats mean top quality fiber for our mohair, which means top quality apparel and our featured Reward mohair socks. This urban-farm connection feeds into Americans’ increasing need to buy products that aren’t just made here in America but are also environmentally friendly.

The Martha Stewart American Made Awards spotlight “the next generation of great American makers: entrepreneurs, artisans, and small-business owners who are creating beautiful, inspiring, useful products; pioneering new industries; improving local communities; and changing the way we eat, shop, work, and live.” The fact that Pure American Naturals is included in this elite group of nominees tells us we must be doing something right! It means that our apparel, mohair and the way we do business is being recognized as a forerunner of the shift in the way Americans are looking at the environment and what we can all be doing to help Mother Nature.

Our highest priority is sustainability. We believe in “eco-fashion” – the idea that a company can be socially responsible, “green” and Earth friendly and still create an excellent product. The end result is satisfaction in knowing what we produce will have a minimal impact on the environment and will help with other sustainability efforts.

Get more information about the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards. And for more information on Pure American Naturals, call 717-580-1416 or Contact Us.

Mohair on the Runway

Wherever there’s a winter fashion show, you’re likely to see sweaters, coats and other garments made from mohair being showcased down the runway. Here are five great pieces from some of the biggest names in fashion:

Bottega Veneta

A shaggy mohair coat from Bottega Veneta was shown in Milan in 2011. (Picture Source: Haute House)



This plaid mohair coat was displayed at the DKNY Fall 2009 show. (Picture Source: Couture Allure Vintage Fashion Blog)



Natalia Vodianova made a cameo in this Givenchy mohair sweater during Paris’ Fashion Week in Fall 2011. (Picture Source: Harpers Bazaar)



A mohair coat from Prada’s Fall 2007 runway show in Paris. (Picture Source: Chron)

Alexander Wang


A mustard mohair sweater designed by Alexander Wang was worn down the catwalk in 2010. (Picture Source: My Daily)

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3 Great Designers that Use Mohair

There are plenty of great high-fashion designers that turn mohair yarn into wonderful designs. Here are three of our favorites:


Singer Alicia Keys in a Moschino mohair sweater. (Image Source: Fashion Bomb Daily)



Actress Sienna Miller wearing a Twenty8Twelve mohair jacket. (Image Source: CoolSpotters)

Miu Miu

Model Kate Moss walking down the runway in a mohair jacket and trousers. (Image Source: CoolSpotters)

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