Environmental Stewardship: How We Manage


Our angora goats grazing.

The Glen Cauffman Farm, home to Pure American Naturals, is more than a place where mohair is produced; it’s a fully operational farm, home to a variety of ecological systems. We believe that it’s not just about the animals, but it’s also about the environment. We carefully manage our livestock, croplands, water, and operations in ways that enhance the environment. We work closely with eco-friendly processors, educators and government agencies to continuously increase our commitment to environmental stewardship. We want you to be collaborators in the process by enjoying the fibers and educational opportunities offered by Pure American Naturals. Together, we’ll create a sustainable future.

Being sustainable means acting in economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally sound ways. It requires integration and thoughtful management of all three of these aspects.

  • Economic viability means remaining profitable and recycling profits back into our home economy by using local and regional vendors and providing jobs.
  • Social responsibility entails strengthening community by supporting local and regional people, businesses, education, public service and philanthropy.
  • Environmental soundness requires providing for animal well-being, protecting soil, maintaining and enhancing clean water and air, and protecting wildlife and renewable resources for the future.

Together these three requirements of sustainability are critical for supporting life in any given ecosystem, including businesses and the planet in general.

Good Stewardship means seeking knowledge and guidance

More than 50 years ago, Glen Cauffman began working with the Soil Conservation Service – now the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) – to develop a Conservation Plan for the family farm. It was the original map for agricultural and environmental management. Since then, other agencies have provided valuable technical and engineering help in developing, implementing and monitoring our land and business management plans. The Glen Cauffman Farm’s partner agencies include:

Glen Cauffman and the farm have received numerous awards for excellence in stewardship and land management over the years.

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