Fashion and Design

The Fashion and Design of Mohair and Merino Wool

There is rapidly growing desire among American consumers to “buy local”, “know your farmer”, “be eco-friendly”, “connect with nature”, “make urban/farm connection” for which fiber-producing animal agriculture is an excellent fit. There is a strong trend in fashion toward natural fibers, which are (regrettably) currently supplied by offshore providers. Mohair and wool fabrics are the latest trend in luxury fashion. High-end fashion designers set trends that emerge in design of garments for the masses. By making the critical connections between farms, processors, manufacturers, designers, and consumers we intend to utilize and help shift these emerging trends to support and promote locally produced and American made materials, and farmers that produce them.


* Sweater created by Vladimir Teriokhin           ** Sweater created by Peggie Ehlers, Riverhead, Long Island NY

Charcoal Heather 3/15
Natural 2/7.5
Charcoal Heather 2/15
Yearling Natural 1/15
Natural Black 1/15
Natural 3/15
Yearling Natural 3/15
Black 2/10
Brown Heather 3/15
Natural 1/15
Natural 2/15
Charcoal Heather 2/7.5
Brown Heather 3/15
Brown Heather 2/15
Gloves – Mohair and Merino
Hat – Mohair and Merino

Hat – Mohair and Merino

Sale Items

Sale Items



Grey Light Weight Reward Crew


Heavy Weight Grey Reward Crew
Heavy Weight Grey Reward Ankle
Heavy Weight Reward Natural Crew
Heavy Weight Reward Natural Ankle


Black Reward Boot
Black Reward Ankle
Black Reward Crew
Popcorn Boot

Popcorn Boot

Hand Warmers – Mohair and Merino
Handsome Brown Pattern Crew
Brindle Reward Crew
Natural Reward Ankle
Natural Reward Crew
Natural Reward Boot

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