Farm to Fashion Traceability

History in the Making from U.S. Mohair Producers …

The old slangy expression, “Who’s got your goat?” emerged from institutional dialogue to connote, “Who got the better of you?” or “Who upset you?”  We’re putting a different spin on it today because much as times change, so do meanings.

In days past, it was a far stretch to imagine walking into a fashion store, finding a quality garment made from luxury fiber and knowing the origins of the piece all the way back to the farm where it began.  Take, for example, a finely hand-knit mohair sweater made of yarn from the fleeces of beautiful angora goats.  You would otherwise have had no way of knowing the history of the piece.  Who inspired its design?  Who knitted the beautiful pattern?  Who spun the yarn?  If the yarn was dyed a special color, who did it?  Where did the fibers come from to spin the yarn?  And which goats shared their fleeces for your sweater in the first place?

In the camera lens of your mind’s eye, zoom out for a brief moment.  Visualize that each quality garment is unique and individual, each sweater a work of art.  Likewise, behind the scenes each spinnery has its own unique family of staff members to complement the specialized equipment used create threads and yarns.  Each farm is shaped by the individuality of the farmer who raises and cares for the herds of goats, and each goat, in turn, contributes its renewable coat in the process while also fulfilling the role of birthing new kids to perpetuate the sustainable resource of beautiful and durable mohair.

How, then, can you learn about the ecological and societal chain of animals, people, and businesses that work together behind the scenes to deliver the plush, comfortable, high-fashion sweater you chose to buy? What makes your sweater different from all the others?  As you zoom back in, pause for a moment to focus on the label.  A simple little square of unremarkable black dots provides the answer.  It’s called a QR code, short for “Quick Response”, and it can be scanned by any SmartPhone or mobile device that has a free, QR code reader app installed on it.

Pure American Naturals (PAN) wants you to know the history of your garment in the making of it.  By using QR codes in this manner, PAN is making history itself, because you can now trace your garment back to its origins in a way that has never been done before, and you can be confident in the farmers and producers who contributed to making it.  You can see the quality control.  You can visit the farms and the spinneries online through our website.  You can know the people.

PAN.  We hold ourselves accountable to you, our valued customer, as a cultural movement of community, made in the USA.

PAN.  We’re the process and the people behind the fashion.

PAN.  We’re traceable, sustainable, renewable, and “green.”

PAN.  Be happy.  We’ve Got Your Goat!

* Sweater created by Vladimir Teriokhin
** Sweater created by Peggie Ehlers, Riverhead, Long Island NY