Fashionable Sustainability

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Fashions via PAN

Eco-Fashion is now mainstream, its roots beginning as far back as 1990 in the fashion industry. Diamond Fiber by Faust and Weiss, and it grew into a national movement in the decades to follow.  In short, it’s a term that refers to being socially responsible while being ecologically “green” in the clothing industry, pursuing methods and clothing design which promote renewable resources and sustainability.

“Renewable” resources, however, leaves much to interpretation.  By some it could be argued that leather and snake skin garments and accessories are “renewable” (and for that matter, “sustainable”), because cows and reptiles have offspring; therefore in some people’s opinions, the criteria for eco-fashion are adhered to in the leather jacket and alligator handbag markets.  Not so.

Pure American Naturals (PAN) thinks differently about renewable and sustainable fashion.  We find the idea of raising an animal to kill it for its skin unconscionable.  There are better alternatives which are more humane and socially responsible, while being equally durable and even more beautiful.  In fact, designing fashion with high quality mohair from angora goats is a form of art unsurpassed by any kind of garment made from animal skins.

Mohair Ringlets

PAN’s approach to eco-fashion is to be completely transparent to the end consumer, ensuring that the sources, processes, and distribution of high-quality fashion garments are traceable to their origins.  The animals must be treated well, not only in their raising but also in their grooming, shearing, and birthing of new animals.  Even in “retirement”, individual “family members” of PAN’s herds are treated with dignity and respect.  Throughout their “working life”, our goats provide fleece after fleece of luxurious mohair fiber in a truly renewable fashion.  That’s why, without reservation or debate, we can assert that the final garments from our mohair designed by top names in the industry are “fashionably sustainable”, in addition to their other qualities of being plushly comfortable and time-tested durable.

From air, water, and sunshine photosynthesizing grass and forbs, our beautiful little Angora goats ecologically produce creamy white ringlets of mohair, a superior luxury fiber. And naturally they reproduce themselves.


Experience the Plush Luxury
of Fine Mohair Fiber

Whether you are purchasing for yourself, or buying gifts for others, experience why mohair is called
the “diamond fiber” of fashion!