Mohair – The Diamond Fiber

The Benefits of Mohair,
“The Diamond Fiber”

Mohair is one of the most versatile textile fibers. Many of its characteristics are similar to wool, except that it does not have the microscopic scales that make wool itchy; so it can be used in many garment applications.

Soft Garments

The smooth fibers of mohair do not irritate the skin, even for people who are sensitive to most wool. Exemplary are our Reward Socks that are made from the stained mohair removed from fleeces before processing, and very fine quality merino wool. These socks come in beautiful beige and soft golden colors and are comfortable, warm, soft, and durable. Unlike cotton and synthetic socks, Reward Socks resist odors by neutralizing bacteria and wicking away moisture. In addition, they become softer and silkier with laundering. They are just the darn best socks you can wear!


Mohair can be twisted and bent without damage to the fiber; it is the most durable animal fiber. One of mohair’s most important qualities is its ability to take wear due to its surface smoothness. It has a unique glow or sheen that can be utilized for dramatic effects in different fabric applications, and it resists soiling. Mohair is stronger than steel of the same diameter. It is also very elastic; it can be stretched up to 30%, and will spring back to shape.  Mohair garments resist wrinkling, stretching, or sagging after manufacture.


Fashion is trending toward natural fibers. Mohair and wool fabrics are the latest trend in luxury fashion in many applications, from clothing to home furnishings.  Their feel and durability cannot be matched by synthetics.

Warm and Comfortable

Mohair’s fibers do not conduct heat, mohair provides good insulation, even when wet. Mohair easily absorbs and releases moisture, moving perspiration away from the skin for evaporation; it is therefore comfortable to wear in both cold and hot weather.


Mohair’s smooth fibers can be made into fabrics that are cool, comfortable and attractive; summer garments made with mohair hold their shape, resist wrinkling and odors.  And upholstery, carpets and curtains of mohair are durable and nearly fireproof.