Why Should I Choose Mohair Socks?

Mohair socks have noticeable benefits for anyone with ailments such as diabetes, poor blood circulation or cold feet, chillblains or excessive foot perspiration.  Sufferers feel immediate benefit from wearing mohair socks all year round.  The smooth, light fibers of mohair ensure that moisture is efficiently drawn away from your foot, keeping them dry, comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer!

The unique fiber structure also makes the socks dry very quickly if they become wet through immersion in water (ie falling in a creek or having water go over the top of one’s boots.)  Polar expedition groups always use mohair socks because they are superior in every way to other fibers for arduous use and critical warmth and dryness!

Mohair socks are renowned for preventing blisters.  Mohair fibers are smooth, elastic, and soft to minimize rubbing a blister on that long hike.

Mohair socks are warm, comfortable, hard wearing, machine washable, and they stay fresh smelling after use as they are naturally and permanently resistant to harboring bacteria!