Original Natural Sock/Shoe Size Chart

Fits women’s shoe size 6 - 8 1/2

Fits women’s shoe size 8 1/2 and up, men’s shoe size 8 - 11

Fits men’s shoe size 11 and up

Sock it to Cancer!

Cancer is a horrifying illness. Our PAN family knows the struggle as we experienced it with our Bobbie Jo Cauffman Rumfelt, who fought hard, but succumbed to cancer on October 19th 2014. But, we also know how much http://sockittocancer.net and our community helped Bobbie Jo. In honor of her fight, and in remembrance of her, we are now dedicating a portion of the sock sales to another cherished member of our community.

About Mohair Socks

Probably the best socks you will ever own!

Warm, comfortable, hard wearing, machine washable and they don't smell after use! A sock that stays fresh under the most arduous conditions. Mohair is renowned for its warmth, strength, luster, durability, and easy care, making it an ideal fiber for your feet. It is not wool and is fully machine washable.

Mohair is a natural fiber that is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource. Mohair is the fleece that is shorn twice yearly from the Angora Goat, which originated in the Ankara region of Turkey. The goats' fleece grows 1″ per month.  They produce luxury fiber while improving the land they live on in an environmentally friendly way!

Short (also called Anklets)

Our anklet socks have been developed for wear in running shoes and open toed sandals. These are also frequently worn as bed socks! These anklets are a dream to wear!


Ideal for wearing around the house or in bed, but equally suitable as a comfortable everyday sock for year-round use. All the styles are also great for hiking and cycling in the hills of Pennsylvania. Ribbed socks are looser calf (upper part of the sock).

Boot Socks (Out Of Stock)

A knee length sock to go with wellies or with riding boots and to take some of the strain from the stirrup, Also ideal for motorcyclists, and great just to keep your legs warm under trousers or for the lady with a nice pleated skirt! Particularly good for wearing in hunting boots, ski boots, waders & walking boots in all seasons. Whether on the hill, the first drive or the riverbank, these longer socks should be an essential part of any outdoorsmen's wardrobe. These socks are also ideal a ladies fashion accessories worn in long leather boots!