PA Preferred: A Collaborative Endeavor

PA PreferredRecently Pure American Naturals has been accepted for inclusion under the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s PA Preferred brand.  PA Preferred is the officially recognized branding program of products grown or made in Pennsylvania. Originally designed to help consumers easily identify products produced in Pennsylvania, the program has grown to include thousands of companies across the Commonwealth. From fresh fruits and vegetables to farmers’ markets, plant nurseries, fiber mills, restaurants, hardwood products, wineries, and Christmas trees, PA Preferred represents the dynamic diversity of the Keystone state’s agriculture.

Mohair SocksThe program is a collaborative effort between the State’s Department of Agriculture, its several thousand members, and the conscientious consumers who support the shop local, support local initiative.  With its bright blue and gold labeling, Pennsylvanians are able to shop for affordable, locally produced fruits and vegetables, wines, cheeses, and so much more.  This is where PAN comes in; our friendly little goats grow their lush mohair locks on little more than the high quality forages native to Pennsylvania, which is in turn milled into sustainably produced fashion items.  Our Pure American Naturals products are grown, milled, and produced all within the Commonwealth.  There are guidelines that allow the inclusion of a limited percentage of outside materials; the luxurious Merino wool used in our socks is produced in Texas, as part of our partnership with Hillingdon Ranch, however this is a minor percentage in the finished product.

For more information about the PA Preferred program, or to see if you may qualify as a PA Preferred Member, click here.