Producers and Farmers

US Mohair Producers and Farmers …

Behind every fashion label there’s a history, a mosaic of people and processes that collided sometimes by chance, sometimes by destiny to create a union of color, texture, style, design and comfort that make the world beautiful.  Farms and farmers, spinneries, textile mills, designers, and ultimately retailers weave the path from the soft coats of animals to the plush fashion of a luxurious sweater or other elegant garment.  The entire cycle is a collage of cultures and livelihoods that bring cities, suburbs, and rural communities together behind the scenes in a way that few people ever glean from their shopping experience.  Until now, that is.

Farmers and producers are the unsung heroes of the fashion world.  They are the backbreaking labor, day in and day out, that love what they do and care enough about doing it right that their fulfillment is in standing behind the quality of their effort or the birth of a new baby goat, rather than public recognition or fame under a spotlight.  They are the small family farms, mills, and businesses steeped in tradition through time-proven methods and American values that make up the infrastructure behind the label.  Now, using technology, their stories and culture are interwoven into the finished product to fully enrich each piece of clothing with the history and culture which was previously transparent to the person wearing it.

Reward Socks | Mohair & Merino Wool

We are PAN, Pure American Naturals.  We are the driving movement behind the glamour, working to ensure that sustainable resources are replenished with tender loving care and ensuring that the raw materials used to create fashion exceed the highest quality expectations.  We create jobs and provide a catalyst for economic growth in the USA.  And we take pride in making a difference in supporting and improving your quality of life through our own modest means.

Know us.  Scan your label:  Meet the farmer whose flock or herd, acreage and resources made a contribution to your unique mosaic.  Scan your label: Tour the spinnery that made the ever-so-soft yarn which was hand-selected to create the comfort you wear.  Scan your label:  The designer who created your fashion is waiting to meet you so you can learn what inspired them.  Scan your label.  It’s YOUR label, customized to your garment and traceable back to the collective fleeces where it all began.  We are fashion.  We are culture.  We are producers.  Here to serve you, we are PAN.