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Partners with Hillingdon Ranch

When responsible conservation meets natural sustainability, magic happens at Hillingdon Ranch. For more than 125 years, the Giles family has managed the flourishing, harmonious ecological balance of plants, animals, and land at their hill country ranch, located in Comfort, Texas. Hillingdon Ranch is known for producing exceptional registered Angus cattle, fine wool sheep, premium quality Angora goats and other livestock. The ranch has a history as rich in tradition as it is in resources, and all are appreciated and honored.

Hillingdon Ranch: Conservation and Sustainability

It’s by no accident that Hillingdon Ranch is a thriving success and an exemplary model for conservation and sustainability. The animals are selected and bred for the optimal use of the land, and the land (including its variety of forage,) in turn, is controlled and maintained for optimal use by the animals. The range management practice of carefully matching the number and type of livestock to the land’s ability to produce feed for them is a significant part of the success of the ranch. This and other diligent and conscientious practices allow the land to replenish itself and then yield top quality products year after year.


The livestock that live on the ranch only need supplemental feeding once a week for two months during the winter. The rest of the year, they are able to live off the land. As a result of good management, Hillingdon Ranch is covered in lush, beautiful grasses and trees, while some neighboring properties are overgrown with invasive brush and inedible weeds.

Since the farm was founded in 1887 by Alfred Giles, the land and traditions of good farming have been handed down from generation to generation, and are now in the hands of Robin Giles, Alfred’s grandson. As the operator of Hillingdon Ranch, Robin constantly educates himself about the plants on the property. He has extensive knowledge of the current ecology, but he is constantly analyzing and learning more about the fragile balance needed to maintain the animals and the land. By knowing exactly what the plants need and what the animals eat, he helps ensure that the finest mohair and wool, that exceed industry standards, are being produced.


Relationship Between Hillingdon Ranch and Pure American Naturals

The Glen Cauffman Farm and Hillingdon Ranch have an ongoing relationship as collaborators in fiber production. Hillingdon Ranch contributes much of the superior, ultrafine and super-soft wool used in PAN yarns. Glen Cauffman, owner of Pure American Naturals, and the Giles family share a deep commitment to the conservation of the land, humane animal husbandry, and pride in their top quality products.

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