The Reward line of socks reward your feet with comfort.? Mohair socks are silky, cushiony, yet springy, and so comfortable that feet relax. ?Natural mohair fibers resonate with our cellular structure and reflect our energy, reducing fatigue and improving circulation. ?Due to its smooth surface mohair creates less chafing and blistering than other fibers because it more easily glides against the skin.? Mohair conducts moisture very easily, so it wicks sweat away from the skin to the outer surface of the sock where it can either evaporate or pass through breathable outer footwear.? Plus, they are naturally antibacterial thereby reducing foot odor.

Our ankle socks are perfect for wear in running shoes, sneakers and open toed sandals. ?They are also wonderful as bed socks! ?These are made with our Reward 70% Mohair/30% Superwash Merino yarn with a little bit of lycra and have reinforced heels and toes. This popular style is now offered in a dyed-black version.