This is a comfortable, heavy weight, everyday sock for year-round use. Being mid-calf length, they are our most popular original style. Of all the natural fibers, mohair is one of the strongest; it is considered stronger than many synthetic fibers of the same diameter. ?Being a long fiber, making an exceptionally durable yarn and long-wearing sock.? Mohair socks are cushiony, silky, yet springy, and so comfortable that feet relax. In South Africa (where most mohair originates today) mohair socks are typically?worn by farmers and laborers who appreciate its protective yet?soothing?qualities.? Natural animal fibers resonate with our cellular structure and reflect our energy, reducing fatigue and improving circulation. The mohair fibers, being hollow, act as a natural insulator to one?s feet. This means that when the outside temperature is cool or cold, the fibers will trap & keep in a high percentage of the warmth created by the blood circulation in one?s foot. Similarly, when the outside temperatures are warm or hot, the mohair fibers wick moisture away from the foot where evaporation will prevent feet from overheating.? Plus, they are naturally antibacterial, so odors don?t develop.

Now with reinforced heels and toes, these are made with our Reward 70% Mohair/30% Superwash Merino yarn with a little bit of lycra.