Marl and Cochineal Popcorn Tall Boot


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These socks are knit with our Reward Natural Brown Heather Marl which is a 70% mohair two-ply yarn.  Made by combining one strand of our Reward Natural 70% mohair/30% superwash merino yarn and one strand of our Reward Natural Brown Heather 80% mohair/20% naturally black sheep wool yarn.  This creates a warm grey color and silky feel. The unique knit of these puffy knee socks provide insulation and warmth without weight or thickness. The slightly open stitch knit offers stretch that clings to any size leg, all the way to the knee! Due to the unique qualities of the yarn and Lycra, these awesome socks are available in a stretchy medium size that softly adapts to almost any size foot, from small to large (women’s shoe size 7 to 12, men’s 6 to 11.)
Our original Marl Popcorn has been naturally dyed with a Cochineal insect to add the pink color. Color variations will happen due to the natural dyeing process.

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How to Care for Your Unique Mohair/Merino Socks and Other Products

mohair-careSince a very small percentage of the naturally colored wool fiber in these unique items isn’t “Superwash,” and some are made with stretchy Lycra too, we recommend that if you are machine washing them, please use cooler water temperatures in the delicate cycle. Please use minimal machine drying at low temperatures; or just set them on top of the dryer or over the edge of the laundry basket and they will air dry quickly! You can hand wash them also, but don’t worry, if they do sneak into the regular wash and dryer, they should return to size when you put them on; or if needed, you can dampen them again, or rinse them with hair conditioner and wear them to resize.

Original Natural Sock/Shoe Size Chart

Fits women’s shoe size 6 - 8 1/2

Fits women’s shoe size 8 1/2 and up, men’s shoe size 8 - 11

Fits men’s shoe size 11 and up

fits woman’s shoe size 5 to 10 and men’s shoe size 5 to 9.

fits women’s shoe size 10+ and men’s shoe size 10 to 13.