In the natural color of mohair, this is a knee length, medium weight sock for wellies or riding boots; and great to keep your legs warm under trousers! They are particularly good in hunting boots, ski and snowboarding boots, waders and walking boots. ?Mohair fibers are longer and inherently much stronger than cashmere, alpaca, wool or cotton and many synthetic fibers.? Mohair has a very smooth outer surface with no scales compared to wool; this means that bacteria cannot attach themselves to the fiber. Sweat itself has no odor; bacteria metabolize sweat and the resulting chemical byproducts are what you smell. Since mohair socks are naturally antibacterial, odors don?t develop.

Now with reinforced heels and toes, these are made with our Reward 70% Mohair/30% Superwash Merino yarn with a little bit of lycra.