Our Slate socks are knit with our 80% mohair/20% Black Sheep fine wool two-ply), creating a warm grey-color and silky feel.

Our Marl socks are knit with our Reward Natural Brown Heather Marl which is a 70% mohair two-ply yarn. ?Made by combining one strand of our Reward Natural 70% mohair/30% superwash merino yarn and one strand of our Reward Natural Brown Heather 80% mohair/20% naturally black sheep wool yarn. ?This creates a warm grey color and silky feel.

Our Charcoal socks are knit with our Charcoal?Heather yarn (30% mohair/70% black-dyed, 18 micron merino wool two-ply.) ?The very fine merino wool from our collaborator Hillingdon Ranch and our softest mohair provides?these socks with a silky feel.

With extra mohair and reinforced heels and toes these socks will last a long time.? The unique knit of these puffy knee socks provides insulation and warmth without added weight or thickness. The slightly open knit offers stretch that clings to any size leg, all the way to the knee! Due to the unique qualities of the yarn and Lycra, these awesome socks are available in a stretchy medium size that softly adapts to almost any size foot, from small to large (women?s shoe size 7 to 12, men?s 6 to 11.)

Our Reward Natural Popcorn boot is now an approved PA Preferred product.

The light color is Marl, Med color is Slate and Dark is Charcoal.