Spin Expo Recap & Exciting Developments


Our friends, the Yoders, who came along with us to Spin Expo 2013.

Excitement. That’s what the Pure American Naturals (PAN) leadership team felt July 16-18 as we walked through New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion.

We had arrived. Our personal Mecca. Spin Expo 2013.

Spin Expo is a conglomeration of textiles and fibers designers, producers and entities vying to network with others. For PAN, our mission was simple: let others know about whom we are, what we do and what makes us different. To help in the endeavor, we took along with us a group of special friends who were a hit. It was a success.

The PAN team had a great time connecting and reconnecting with others in the fashion and textiles industries. We received great interest, and we’re excited about PAN’s future prospects as a result of this trip. Our team knows sustainable, Made in American products are becoming more and more sought after, and the trip to Spin Expo just reaffirmed this fact.

There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to fraternize with buyers and other distributors. Especially in a place like New York City, a hub for the fashion elite.

During our time at Spin Expo, we talked to Arthur Friedman, a reporter for Women’s Wear Daily, one of the leading trade publications for the fashion, beauty and retail worlds. Mr. Friedman was working on a piece about global sourcing and textile and apparel manufacturing, and he decided to talk to PAN about our Made-in-American-meets-sustainable model. PAN creative director and designer Laurie Perrone was quoted in the piece, stating:

“We want to work with companies that have a strong consumer connection, that understand what it means to be a sustainable company and that believe in the Made in America movement.”

Laurie’s quote was used again in WWD’s weekly “They Are Saying” series.

For three days, the PAN leadership team managed to coalesce with other textile and fiber manufacturers, designers and others in the fashion industry. Suffice to say, our journey to New York City was a success. However, there’s still a great deal of work to be done. Here’s to the future.

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